Users have the option to block other users on their own, without a moderator intervening. From the "Federated Servers" admin view, administrators can see how many users from an instance have been blocked by local users.


Users can report statuses or users from the "more options" menu in the footer of posts and the follow/unfollow buttons for users. When a report is made, all users with admin permissions will receive a notification.

When a report is made, there are a few options how the moderator can respond. - Send a direct message to the reported user. - Delete the reported status. - Deactivate the user. For local users, this will make them unable to log in, and their account will not be shown in the application. For remote users, the server will reject any incoming activities from this user, and they will not be shown in searches.

Instance-level moderation

Moderators can block entire instances. This will prevent any activities from coming in from that instance, and deactivate all accounts from that instance locally.

If the instance is un-blocked, all the users who were deactivated by the block will be re-activated.

Moderators can also upload blocklists to block servers in bulk.