Posting statuses

Posting on BookWyrm starts with a book. Users can comment on in-progress or recently read books from the "Your books" section, or from a book's landing page. From there, users can reply and start a conversation. BookWyrm posts can include formatting like bold, italics and links using Markdown.

If you're familiar with posting on Mastodon, you'll find that BookWyrm statuses have analogous visibility settings, content warnings, and mentions. However, polls, custom emoji, and attachments are not supported yet.

Types of statuses

User commentary

There are three types of posts users can create directly in response to books: reviews, comments, and quotes. Comments respond to general aspects of a book, quotes pertain to specific passages, and reviews deal with books overall. Users can also reply to statuses.

Component Review Comment Quote Reply
Text field
Spoiler alert
Page number
Title field

Reading status updates

Statuses are generated when a user indicates that they want to read, have started reading, or have finished reading a book.


Text can include:

  • Mentions (@user)
  • URLs (http(s):// is not displayed)
  • Some Markdown formatting
  • bold
  • italics
  • block quotes
  • bullet lists
  • links